Welcome to django-version-manager’s documentation!


Django Version Manager is a Django library in case you want to expose your version and metadata about it to your users.

Why would you want this anyway? In case you are doing a progressive development on your project, you may like to inform or notify users about your version and latest changes that has happened.

Requirements and Support

This library is already tested on these environments:
  • Python 3.5
  • Django 1.9 and onwards

This does not mean it will not work out of bounds, but you need to clone the code and run nose and tox tests yourself. It would be kind if you sent PR of your test or opened an issue about your test results.


To install this package, use pip as follows:

pip install django-version-manager

Then, you need to include Django Version Manager to your INSTALLED_APPS as follows:


Check out other sections to learn more about this library.